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Self-Guided Property Management Solution

Offering a more convenient and affordable way to manage your investment property

  • Advertise your rental and find tenants fast
  • Check prospective tenants rental history
  • Use our step-by-step guides and support documents

Discover a better way to manage your investment property

DIY Property Management is Property Management Made Simple!

If you own an investment property and you have found us, then there is a good chance you are wondering if managing your own rental property is the right option for you. It probably is.

We have developed the most extensive and affordable Private Landlord support available in Australia.

A lot more than just advertising

DIY Property Management was created by experienced specialist Property Managers to provide a reliable source of information and guidance to property investors who wish to manage their property investment portfolio themselves.

We offer private landlords the same tools professional Property Management companies use to find and manage a tenant, including documents, tutorials and guides that are constantly updated. Our documents are easily available via instant download. No strings attached.

How to Manage an Investment Property

About DIY Property Management

DIY Property Management eliminates the fear and guesswork from managing your own rental property

Many property investors feel that they could manage their own rental property but not having access to the forms, documents and tools available to professional Property Managers, they will be exposed to too much risk. We always remember the last “Tenant from Hell” story on Today Tonight.

DIY Property Management was created to eliminate this risk. Managing your own investment property can bring you the peace of mind that comes with closely monitoring what happens to your investment. You have complete control of your property and what happens to it while tenanted.

Our Property Management team spent years developing and compiling all the instructions and documents you need to ensure you always have updated and reliable information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All this information is now available to you via instant download at our online shop. Just browse, select the documents and information sheets you need and you are on your way.

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Quick answers from qualified Property Managers

You Do it Yourself, but you don’t need to do it alone.

Professional Advice

Get answers from a qualified Property Manager fast. You can ask your detailed Property Management question. Get an answer from a qualified, experienced Property Manager to resolve your issue and be on your way. We can also provide you with the best templates and documents to use case-by-case.


Tenancy Health Check

Our Tenancy Health Check was designed to find the gaps in your tenancy. We provide you with a quick, insightful assessment of where your investment may be at risk. We then offer you tailored recommendations to keep your tenancy documentation compliant with the recent Legislation.


Document Review

Have your documents reviewed by a Property Manager. Once you have edited your documents, we conduct an  assessment and edit your text if necessary so that the document complies with the Tenancies Act. We report back to you on possible implications of changes made by you.


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If you still have questions, check our FAQ page, where you will find the questions that are most commonly asked by our users along with their answers.

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